Don’t miss our custom fabric / t-shirt class this week we will be learning how to discharge color!

This is hand dyed fabric and the leaves were then discharged to get this wonderful result!FullSizeRender

Learn how to make wonderful custom shirts and fabrics using the process know as discharging. By a wonderful fabric color artist and a new member of our group Sharon.

This tee was discharged using a stencil and then paint and embellishment were added to highlight. And I have to say the photo does it no justice.tiger shirt

So what is Discharging?

Discharging is basically the process of removing color from a garment vs dyeing which is adding color. Add new layers of color dimention to your projects, start fresh and dye an old item something totally different. So many possibilities and super easy to do, we’ll show you how!

This is a 2 week class You must attend week 1 to attend the 2nd class

Feb 10 & 17th-6pm In my home studio in Lake Elsinore, CA.

T-Shirts NOT provided, however all other supplies are provided. You can choose to bring your own stencil if you have one you like.

Week one! Discharge our Shirts

In this first class we will learn a simple and basic technique to discharge a black t-shirt using stencils.

You will need to provide a 100% cotton t-shirt preferable in black. If you have a stencil you like feel free to bring it otherwise there will be stencils available to borrow or purchase.

Please limit yourself to 1 shirt for this class.

Message me for more information!

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