3D printer at CHA, are you a DIY, creator, crafter or maker you gotta see this.

3D printer, by imaginator

3D printer, by imaginator

All I can say is, Wow the world it is a changing. In the beginning of January I attended CHA, and saw this amazing device a #3D printer. I was so cool. Just think some day they may even be is some homes. No more glueing and sticking and being restricted to certain plains. All this got me to thinking about the evolution of crafters what fun we have coming our way.

2015-01-11 14.06.46dino printed in a 3D printer

Ok I’m going to show my age here a bit but what the heck I’ve lived it.

In my day I was called a crafter. I grew up coloring, painting, sewing, macramé, and needle arts, doing just about any crafty or art project I could get my hands on. In 1974 I stared middle school and to my great surprise classes that had traditionally been for boys only could no longer deny girls from taking them. So I signed up and  took wood shop, & metal and leather shop, I still had to take the required “girls” classes sewing and cooking class that was fine I was going to take shop. Much to the chagrin of some teachers.

I believe these exposures helped to expand my interest and my ability to think outside the box. Taking on new challenges and  finding ways to overcome them after all I am an entrepeneur at heart, and I believe that my ability to explore and create at an early age help me to build a confidence in myself that helped me to just go for it. Theses are gifts I think all kids should get. Kinda like when I decided in wood shop I wanted to build a 2 foot cubed box. OMG did my head spin I had no plans, and had to rely on my math and ability to figure out the angles. My teacher and I had totally different ideas on how to approach it.

This is what I wanted a cube with no raw edges.

My wooden cube design

my wooden cube

How my teacher wanted it done

This is what he wanted just over lapping the sides and the raw edges would be seen.

I stood my ground and was told I would have to figure it out on my own, because it was too difficult and he did not have  time to help.  But if I failed I would flunk his class!  E- Gads   No worries man, I can do this, right LOL

Well all you have to do is tell me NO and by gone I was going to do it. I did get it done and although it was not perfect it was pretty darn good. I got my “A” and a teacher that did not want a girl in his class had a greater respect for some of us.

Sorry I digressed. Bottom line….. the world is changing men and women stand sided by side working and building and creating. Technology has changed who thought there would ever be a day that I would see a working 3D printer.

The younger generations no longer consider themselves crafters that’s what your grandma is right? They are DIY’er and Makers but no matter what you call yourself we are a growing world of creators. For me well I can’t wait to see what will be created next by a growing and changing generation of makers, creators and DYI’ers

Happy Creating!    linda signature

One response to “3D printer at CHA, are you a DIY, creator, crafter or maker you gotta see this.

  1. Hi Linda, Just an FYI – the new San Diego Central Library downtown has a 3D printer lab with at least 4 different 3D printers available to anyone with a library card to use. It was really really really cool. And you can park in the library underground parking for 2 hrs free with validation (get validated at the library info desk on the first fl). Not to mention there are all kinds of really really cool exhibits, art installations etc at the library. I got the grand tour yesterday with a professional group I belong to and it was amazing!!!!

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