Hurry and vote to help add a creative light into a system in need of hope.

I recently read a grant application by Cynthia Tinapple she is a wonderful and giving polymer clay artist. She has applied for a grant and needs our votes to aid her with a wonderful program in her local prison system.

In Cynthia’s own words………….

I need your vote! Every Fall, Crafthaus awards a micro project grant and my application is in the running.

Prison Polymer: Art as a Lifeline Back to the Community is a project I’d like to nudge forward. This summer Leslie Blackford and Tammy Dye taught one class in Ohio prisons, Maggie Maggio and I taught another. We were all surprised and fascinated by the impact that our medium had on inmates.

What could we do with polymer in prisons that would make a difference? How could our community help? That’s what I’ll use the grant to discover. Please vote for Project #2. Thank you for your help.


Now from me don’t delay and please go vote for this wonderful project! I hope to hear great stories of success soon. And thanks Cynthia for making me think  about new ways we can all help in our communities. Keep up the great work Cynthia!

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