Where did July go? Universal Studios LA, Hollywood

It seems like just the other day we were hustling around the house getting ready for a visit from our kids, my daughter Keri and her hubby Pat. Its been 2 long years since we last saw each other. Just like any parent the time we get together with our adult children is precious to me. We spent a day at the beach walking the Oceanside boardwalk, we even took a day trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood was especially fun.main-globe

My HC van with it’s scooter lift is kinda big to get around in a city like LA. So we decided to take the family car which meant I couldn’t bring my own scooter. We contacted Universal and discovered they rent regular wheelchairs and a limited amount of power scooters. We got there early so I  could be sure to get an electric  scooter, no one got to push me around that day. LOL  It was a nice change of pace. I usually feel as if I slow everyone down and that my mobility limits everyone else around me and for a change that was not the case. We were able to use the “front of the line” access and made fast time of getting onto the rides. The park was super great, and respectful to me and I never felt like a burden.                                      YEA you rock Universal!


Chris and the kids ride through streets


The studio tour left us rocking in our seats. Actually it was interesting but they put all us disabled folks in the front of the trolly and with my muscle conditions I missed almost everything since I could not turn around to see the action. If you have an option I recommend sitting in the back of the trolleys for the studio tour.

ROTM_1Some of my favorite rides were Revenge of the Mummy

The Simpsons ride at Universal Studio LA

The Simpsons ride at Universal Studio LA

Meet the family, finally someone makes be feel small.                                                      Ok so they have to wear a costume to do it LOL, but I’ll take it!

Water World Universal Studios LA

Water World Universal Studios LA

Whatever you do don’t miss the Water World show, but if they say your sitting in the wet section you will be soaked. Which is fine if you go in the early part of the day when it’s hot, but not us. We went to the 5 ish show and when the sun went down we were freezing. Just look at these drowned rats.


meet the transformers

meet the transformers

drenched in Jurassic

Drenched in Jurassic

Jurassic park in the studio tour and a few shots from the studio tour.IMG_0964IMG_0937

I totally recommend Universal Studios if your looking                                                   for some fun and excitement in LA

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